for small teams

We specialize in the US & Mexico

Starting at $99 per month

With Fingo HR, you get

  • Your own HR Manager

  • HR-compliant Policies

  • Hiring & Terminations Guidance

  • Optional HR Audit

  • Hiring Agreements

  • Custom Document Creation


Included in each plan

HR Procedures

HR Consulting

Hiring Guidance

Termination Assistance

General HR FAQ's

Employee Agreements

Disciplinary Notices

Time-off Policies

Remote-work Policies

Sick-leave Policies

Non-compete Agreements

Non-disclosure Agreements

Non-solicitation Agreements

Contractor Agreements

Benefits Administration


For additional costs we can manage*

+ Benefits Setup

+ Accounting

+ Payroll

We can also perform an initial HR audit when you sign up. Enquire about this if you are interested.

*Pricing varies according to volume




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