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HR often gets a bad rap. Employees usually associate HR with strict rules, ineffective policies, and pointless procedures. Well here at Fingo HR, we want to help you change the way you do HR.  We believe that employees are at the heart of any successful team, so it only makes sense to take care of them. Every service we offer is built around people and how we can improve their every day experiences at work. After all, a business that cares about it’s employees, has employees that care about the business.




Employee healthcare is an expensive, but necessary benefit. By subscribing to our group health insurance you will have access to much lower rates which could drastically reduce your per person premiums. 

HR Support

Top notch HR support can be provided to management and employees. Each employee can be a assigned a private login to submit support tickets. Ticket progress can then be tracked, and arranged by organization. 


We can provide you with any contract type you might need, including employment contracts, service level agreements, NDAs, non-competes, official warnings etc.

Hires & Fires

We can help you with onboarding new employees, as well as offboarding when someone leaves. Everything from contract signing and benefits enrollment, to dismissal letters and offboarding from benefits.

Hires & Fires

If your company is expanding into new locations (or multiple locations already exist, we can help you with anything from entity registration to maintaining labor law and local compliance.


Looking for onsite support in one or multiple international locations?  Let us use our network to get you localized assistance, as and when you need.

Onsite HR

Payroll is never a fun thing to manage, so leave it to us. It’s our thing. We can provide a full payroll service for your company.


From basic quarterly engagement surveys with feedback and recommendations, to larger in-depth analysis, segmented reporting and recommendations, we can help you keep your employees engaged.


We can also help you find a full time HR resource, provide Directorship and virtual office services



Can I build my own package?

You bet you can! We can help you build a custom package that gives you only the things you need. I mean, why should you pay for things you don't want, right? We'll gather some information from you based on your needs and give you the perfect package for you.

Can I cancel the service at any time?

Absolutely. We will also offer you a pro-rated refund, either for that month, or for the remaining months of your annual plan.

How do we get set up on group healthcare?

Once you've selected your subscription we will send you a form to collect all the information needed to get your team enrolled in healthcare in no time! If you have any questions or concerns, our customer happiness team is always on standby to help you out.

How do new employees join the group healthcare?

There are two parts to the answer of this question. 1. When you hire a new employee, let us know and we'll gather their info and get them enrolled straight away. 2. You decide when: you can put a waiting period in place if you like, after which they will be enrolled.

Can you help with expanding to new locations?

Well, that's what we do best. Expanding, opening new offices, investigating the best structures for overseas, you name it. Chat with our team and we'll go about making sure you understand everything you need to know to make an informed decision. No more worrying about what you don't know.

Which countries can you provide compliance assistance and contracts for?

Most of them. Contact a member of our team to find out if we're able to help you where you're going.

Can you just do our payroll?

We can indeed. You don't have to pay for a bunch of services you don't want or need. Want us to take away your payroll headache? Consider it done. Got payroll in multiple states or countries? Even better. That's a bigger headache we can take away from you. Let's get started!

Can someone come to our office to help with onboarding or ongoing support?

Yes! Tell us where you are and we'll make it happen. Better yet, we already help clients all across Europe, Africa and the United States with this. So don't feel limited by geography. We'll get you local, relevant help right in your office.

Can you provide an in-house HR rep?

Yes. Want someone full time? You can choose to contract them from us, or let us recruit someone for you. Need someone a day or two a week? No problem either, we can make that happen. We already do.

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