for small teams

We specialize in the US & Mexico

Starting at $99 per month

With Fingo HR, you get

  • Your own HR Manager

  • HR-compliant Policies

  • Hiring & Terminations Guidance

  • Optional HR Audit

  • Hiring Agreements

  • Custom Document Creation


Included in each plan

HR Procedures

HR Consulting

Hiring Guidance

Termination Assistance

General HR FAQ's

Employee Agreements

Disciplinary Notices

Time-off Policies

Remote-work Policies

Sick-leave Policies

Non-compete Agreements

Non-disclosure Agreements

Non-solicitation Agreements

Contractor Agreements

Benefits Administration


For additional costs we can manage*

+ Benefits Setup

+ Accounting

+ Payroll

We can also perform an initial HR audit when you sign up. Enquire about this if you are interested.

*Pricing varies according to volume



Does it matter what industry we're in?

Not at all! We can provide compliant HR support for all industries. When you sign up, we'll be sure to learn everything we need to know about your business to ensure that all support you receive from us is 100% compliant.

Do you terminate employees for us?

We will guide you through the full termination process; we cannot terminate employees for you but will make sure you have everything you need every step of the way. Documents, compliance, coaching, you name it - we'll help you do it right the first time.

Does Fingo HR help with our internal HR processes?

Yes! We are your HR team now, so we'll make sure all of the processes and policies you need are customized and implemented effectively.

Can you help us in Spanish, too?

You bet - our Mexico support team is local so you'll get nothing but the best, in English or Spanish.

Can Fingo HR help with payroll?

We sure can! This is an add-on service, but the answer to your question is "yes".

We need help with Accounting - can Fingo HR do this?

We sure can! This is an add-on service, but the answer to your question is "yes".


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